IRAN THREAT Iran feared to be less than a year from having its own nuclear weapons after breaking uranium deal

IRAN is feared to be less than a year from having nuclear weapons.

The rogue state yesterday confirmed it would break uranium enrichment limits agreed with world powers.

That deal collapsed when Donald Trump ordered the US to pull out and reimposed crippling trade sanctions against the hardline Islamic republic.

Iran had vowed to keep its uranium’s purity below 3.67 per cent — enough to generate electricity — while sanctions were suspended, but has now vowed to boost it to 5 per cent.

Experts say this could put the nation accused of backing terrorism across the globe on course to be a nuclear armed power in 12 months.

Officials in Tehran said yesterday that Iran would keep reducing its commitments to limit enrichment every 60 days unless the the USA lifts its sanctions.

Mr Trump has vowed that Iran’s mullah’s will never be allowed to have nukes and tension has soared since Iranian special forces were blamed for attacking two oil tankers and shooting down a US drone.

Britain — among the nations sticking to the nuclear deal — seized an Iranian oil tanker last week but has urged Iran to stay on track to avert a military clash with America.

A Foreign Office spokesman said last night: “While the UK remains fully committed to the deal, Iran must immediately reverse all activities inconsistent with its obligations.”