Frankfurt train station shut after bank robbery

A bank robbery and a police chase caused officials to suspend operations at Frankfurt’s central station, one of the busiest train hubs in Germany. Three suspects were arrested.

Frankfurt police arrested three people on Friday after they allegedly tried to rob a bank near the city’s central train station.

All trains were halted as a result of the police activity, but regular services later resumed, train operator Deutsche Bahn said.

In a series of tweets, police said that officers had been deployed in a street near the station and urged the public to avoid the area.

The incident occurred after one of the bank’s locker alarms was triggered. The perpetrators fled the scene, and a police officer fired one shot in the ensuing chase.

Witnesses said they saw police pinning a man to the ground and that special police had been involved in the operation.

Frankfurt’s central train station is one of the busiest in Germany. Last week, a man pushed a mother and her eight-year-old son onto an oncoming train, killing the boy.